23 Februari 2009


Tangkahan is sometimes mentioned as the HIDDEN PARADISE IN SUMATRA. It is definitely hidden and for many a paradise. It is the perfect place to get off the beaten track, but still have access to nice food and comfortable bungalows.

Tangkahan is an interesting place in many ways. Interesting for what it has to offer and an interesting background. The elephants, the jungle, and the clean rivers are obvious attractions. What makes Tangkahan different is that it is a good example on how community based eco-tourism can stop illegal logging, improve livelihood, and develop a sense of pride amongst the locals. This development on the border of Leuser National Park where the bigger river Batang Serangan meets the smaller river Sungai Musam is the hidden paradise of Tangkahan.

  • Join the forest rangers on their elephants when they patrol the jungle!
  • Float down the clear river!
  • Go jungle trekking!
  • Soak yourself in hot springs!

Lembaga Pariwisata Tangkahan (LPT) is a local organization formed with the purpose to develop eco-tourism as a new form of lively hood and in this way prevent illegal logging. The idea was successful and illegal logging was effectively stopped in 2001. Indecon helped establish LPT and gave training in guiding, handicraft, etc.

The Community Response Unit (CRU) was formed by Fauna & Flora International and elephants were brought in to Tangkahan from Aceh. In some areas where humans and elephants often come in conflict over land use, elephants have been removed to a few "elephant schools". One of these is in Saree, south of Banda Aceh. In Tangkahan the elephants were given a new dual function:

  1. They directly help the rangers to patrol the forest of the national park against illegal logging.
  2. As an eco-tourism attraction they improve the livelihood of the local communities and in this way indirectly prevent illegal logging.

* by public bus
from medan to tangkahan , you can take the bus at TERMINAL PINANG BARIS, a Pembangunan Semesta bus at 08.00 - 10.00 - 13.00 everyday. it cost only Rp.15.000/person
from tangkahan to medan, the same bus at 05.30 - 07.30 - 14.00 with the same price.
or if you dont get the bus at that time , you can take the bus from the same place with the destination to SIMPANG ROBERT, and after that you can take a OJEK (motorcycle) to tangkahan and pay around Rp.25.000 - 30.000/person.

* rent car
usually, rent car from medan to tangkahan is around 400.000 - 500.000 / car / one way

from tangkahan you can go to bukit lawang by trekking, or OJEK with cost around Rp. 125.000 - 150.000 for 2 hours offroad trip.

the bus will be stop at in front of the VISITOR CENTRE and after that you need to pay for the ticket fee Rp. 2.000 / person and cross the river by a GETEK (wood boat) Rp. 10.000/persons for western people , and Rp. 5.000/persons for local people. only pay for one time and its valid for 3 days.


*MEGA INN , 6 bungalow rooms, with bathroom inside, the first guest house you get when you reach tangkahan and after cross the river. very cozy place with the friendly owner. price from 75.000 - up / night . Contact person to booking : Mr.Mega Depari +6281370454572 / +6281370211009 or Mr.Ferry +6281265565351
* Bamboo river inn, 5 rooms with bathroom inside. price from 110.000/night
* JUNGLE lodge , with 12 rooms with bathroom inside price from 100.000 - 160.000 / night. Contact person : +628137633 4787
* GREEN LODGE , near CRU (conservation rescue unit) price start from 100.000 / night

all the accomodation is not include breakfast. there is no electricity at tangkahan, so they use genset from 18.30 from 23.00 everyday to turn on the electric

* trekking (jungle trek, family trek, etc) price is conditional with the trek.
* washing elephants at 9.00 and 16.00 , price Rp. 30.000 / persons
* hot springs (free of charge)
* tubbing to the waterfall (price is conditional)
* trekking with elephants

there's a restaurant at the guest house with many menu from international to national food

so, if you like the adventure and back to nature.. please come and visit here...

for further information you can visit
www.ocyd85.blogspot.com or contact to +6281263045125 (ms.orchid)



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